H.A.B.I.T.S – Burning and Beyond

in Feb 05, 2021


B- Burning and Beyond


Have you ever wondered where the day went? You look up and suddenly it is evening, and the day has seemingly disappeared. How does that happen? Where does time go? Habits are the most difficult to form and the easiest to break, but they are necessary for you to command your day and make sure that you have gotten the most out of it that you possibly can.

So, what are habits? More importantly, what are habits that allow you to optimize your time and complete your goals? Anyone can take command of their day and master their habits. Maybe it is stepping out of the usual routine for a second, or a change of scenery. Let’s explore what the letters of H.A.B.I.T.S stand for.


The letter “B” stands for “Burning and Beyond”


Great leaders are great at being able to adjust on the fly. Flexibility is key in every work environment. Information changes, availability changes, circumstance changes, and adaptability is one of the greatest strengths a leader can have.


If you as a leader develop a “filter” to decide in the moment what choices to make with all the information coming in and having the ability to pivot from one choice to the other, it can be one of your greatest strengths. Nothing is set in stone until a project is finished. Until a bright red bow is tied around a finished project, you, as a leader need to be flexible and open to adjust.

Use your “filter” to filter the information coming in to make the right decision for those you are working with and the project you are working on. When new information comes in, filter it between “burning” and “beyond”. Is this a “burning” situation? Is it a situation that if it isn’t handled right now in this moment, today, it is going to burn the house down? Is it going to keep you from reaching your goal? If it is that situation, it is one that needs to be dealt with asap in order to keep your work running effectively.

If information comes in that is not immediately needed to be dealt with, you can filter it into “beyond”. It is something that will need to be handled eventually, but for the time being it is not going to greatly affect the project you are working on today.


Understanding what information coming in is most important and least important will reduce stress over a project in ways you could not even imagine. It not only reduces stress, but it makes you a more effective leader and worker.


Effective tools gain you influence in both work and life and knowingly practicing them helps you to be an effective leader in your community. We all strive to be great leaders and to work under great leaders. Growing influence is easier than one might think!

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