TEAMTRI Collaborators

There’s an old saying that goes, “If you see a turtle sitting on top of a fence post, you know one thing, it didn’t get there by itself.” When you’ve been in the leadership business over 25 years you’re bound to come across incredible leaders, visionaries, and talent. And when you’re really fortunate, you get to collaborate together.

Our services are better and our products more innovative because of the amazing network of leaders and friends who generously share the gifts on projects with us. Meet a few of them.

Amanda Ball
Amy Nelms
Anthony ONeal
Austin and Hunter Hodge
Austin Damron
Bethany Barefoot
Bethany Gilbert
Brandon Allen
Brittany Woods
Cara Gooch
Carter Fritsch
Connor Hudgins
Dan Frye
Donald LeCompte
Dustin Chiang
Ellie Graham
Garrhett Petrea

Greg Butler
Greg Hammons
Jack Crawford
Jaden Bales
Jason Ishibashi
Jaycob Curlee
Jeff Jones
Jeremie Kubicek
Jon Sellenrick
Kevin McNulty
Kevin Viaene
Kevin Wanzer
Laura Morgan
Lauren Calvert
Linda Chavez
Liridon Poliku

Mariah Arnold
Mark Luelf
Mike Oppedahl
Mitchell Roach
Piper Merritt
Robert Buono
Dr. Roger Christensen
Stephen Lock
Stephen Mackey
Steve Cockram
Taylor Wingard
Teresa Stratton
Thalia Korte
Trevor Huffman
Trevor Terry
Wiley Bailey