the 70/30 Principle

We all have natural strengths. Find out how to balance yours.

in May 20, 2021

We all have natural strengths and challenge is both work and life. We have those things that are empower us to be our best in both of those areas.

The 70:30 Principle helps us to determine the things that allow us to work in confidence and utilize our strengths and the things that aren’t in that category that we can work on over time.

When we work in our 70%, our strengths, we feel confident and energized as we go. The things in our 30% are the things that are more draining and not natural to us.

If you spend too much time in your 30% it could lead to burn out, falling into the pit of despair, and a loss of excitement for the tasks at hand.

On the other end, if we spend too much time in our 70% we feel energized, yes, but we aren’t feeling challenged or equipped to grow. We become abdicators to ourselves.

The overall goal is to spend 70% of our time in our healthy areas, and 30% of our time in the areas that aren’t our strengths. Slowly they will start to become those strengths. A healthy Mindset means knowing what is in your 70% and what is in your 30% and how to balance those well.

Personally, I always struggle with working within my 30%. I choose to make my give all my energy to my 70% but I never find any growth. When you are great at running a mile but you always just run a mile, you never build endurance. Yes, you may be the best mile runner ever but that is the only skill you will ever grow in. If you don’t push yourself to spend 30% of your time in the things that don’t come natural to you, you will never grow.

Your 30% can look like little things. I am incredibly bad at mopping. Sweeping my floors and even vacuuming are easy to me, but mopping my floors are not. It is something that I have to do though to keep a clean and tidy home but it is one of my least favorite things to do.

Even with work, school, or homelife. There is always going to be something that you aren’t excited to do, and it isn’t necessarily in your wheelhouse, but you still have to in order to advance in school, work, or homelife.

It isn’t easy, but if you work hard enough those things that are in your 30% bracket can turn into your 70%.